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HISTORY-  Early Modern  1400-1850  

Quarter One:  The Age of Exploration, Native American Regions

WRITING PROJECT:  Native American Tribe Research

Quarter Two:  Colonization of the New World (Jamestown, Plymouth) and the 13 Colonies


THEMED DAYS:  Colonial Thanksgiving and Colonial WinterFest

Quarter Three:  American Revolution, Forming the Union

WRITING PROJECT:  Noteworthy Men/ Women of the Revolution

Quarter Four:  Westward Expansion (Lewis and Clark, TX Revolution, Pioneers/Oregon Trail)

THEMED DAY:  Pioneer Day

HISTORY NOTES by Quarter/ Unit

Explorer Notes.pdf
History Native American regions notes.pdf
Merrin Colonies Notes Part 1.pdf
Mid-South Colonies.pdf
JP, ZT Mex_Am War.pdf
Road to the Revolution.pdf
New England Part 2.pdf
Colonial Notes Part 2.pdf
TX Rev.pdf
Am Rev Part 1 Notes.pdf
Road the Rev Notes.pdf
Am Rev Part 2 Notes.pdf
Forming the Union Notes.pdf
Westward Expansion part One.pdf
Westward Expansion Pt Two.pdf


Quarter 1-3 Geography Map Skills

Quarter 2-  Eastern Border of the US States and Capitals

Quarter 3-  Northern and Southern Border of the US States and Capitals

Quarter 4-  All 50 US States and Capitals