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Every Friday, the Merrin Gazette will be published to keep families and students informed on what is happening in our classroom!  Test dates, field trip dates, supply needs, etc.

 Email sent 4/19

Hello Families,

April is already half over!  Can you believe it?  Next Friday, I will be emailing out progress reports for any student who has a C- or lower in any subject and we are now far enough along in the quarter that you can start to see needs for retakes, fortitude, celebration, and such!  Check out work envelopes and Aeries for current grades and the Retake form is attached if needed/ desired.

FIELD TRIP-  5/3 Cabrillo National Monument and Tidepools

Please send in the permission slip forms and make donations to the trip in Room 1 or on the TPS Webstore as soon as possible if you haven't already.  Lunch count has already been submitted, so please note that forms given to me next week may not be eligible for school lunches.  Chaperones also have been selected and informed for my class.  Thank you so much for your support!  More info will come home as we get closer to our 5/3 date!

STATE TESTING-  3rd graders will participate for the first time this year in State Testing.  We will begin with ELA Testing on 4/30-5/2.  Students need a working pair of headphones or corded earbuds please!  The following week on 5/7-9 we will do our MATH State Testing.  HW and Class assignments in those disciplines will be lessened during those weeks to allow full brain power to be given to State Testing.  Please try to have your kiddo here on time every day of state testing if possible.  Make up sessions are available if needed, but most natural to take in the classroom with the rest of their peers.

LITERATURE-  Sarah, Plain and Tall is our current book!  Students have already been challenged to think deeply about the concept of HOME.  To extend that thinking, students will be doing a Show and Tell Writing/ Presentation that will be due on May 8th.  More details to come, but students should start thinking of 3 things that represent home to them.  Some students may feel comfortable bringing in the items, but most students will want to take pictures of them and either bring the pictures or insert on a Google Slideshow to present to the class with the WHY/ HOW the item represents HOME to them.  LIT Notes are posted on my website.

SCIENCE-  Students should be working on the brainstorm/ research stage of their writing for their Animal Adaptation Report.  First goal deadline is the Rough Draft on Friday 4/26.  Please note each student must have their rough draft writing edited by a peer and an adult (parent, teacher, TA, etc.).  Final Drafts are due 5/2.  Be sure they write down where they get their information (book title, website, encyclopedia, etc.) and color their picture (no printed images, but can trace or due Art Hub).  Also, in case there is confusion, no costumes are required or permitted for this report.  If desired, they can wear Assembly Attire for their presentation however.

HISTORY-  Start preparing for the 4/26 test!  We have new notes through Wednesday, then we will review on Thursday and test on Friday 4/26  (Westward Expansion Part 1--notes on my website).  Also, remember HW Passes will be awarded to those who send me a picture of their kiddo with the "ROCK" in Old Town Temecula.  Congrats to the 6 who already have their HW Passes to use!  Also, at the very end of the year, we will have a Pioneer Day and students often dress up as a Pioneer for that day if you want to start considering purchasing/ planning for that (optional of course).

Important Dates


MATH-  See Math Teacher's Email

SPELLING- Lesson 23 (this is the last week of Spelling Tests for the rest of the year!)

LATIN- Lesson 6 (Prefix is PRE-/ Cut&Sort, Crossword, and Test FRI)

READING COMP- EM WK 24 Day 3/ 4 (Given Mon/ Due Fri)

READING SKILL- Point of View Packet- 1st/2nd/3rd Person (Finish packet by 4/23 & Test 4/24)

HISTORY- STUDY for Westward Expansion Part 1 Test on FRI (Jefferson through Jackson)

SCIENCE- Animal Adaptation Report ROUGH DRAFT by FRI (Final Draft due 5/2)

NIGHTLY:  Recitation, Geography, Upcoming Tests, Read for 15-20 minutes.

What are the pros and cons of the Industrial Revolution?

Attached:  Gazette, Science Report, States and Caps, Cabrillo Information, Recitations, Retake Form